Banting Menu

champagne brunch

add bacon or fried mushrooms R14

johnny showtime breakfast 58 (b)

toasted pita topped with layered bacon, poached eggs, wholegrain mustard & melted cheese


lily ‘d lovely 59 (v/b)

soufflé omelet of four eggs filled with cheese, tomato, herbed mushrooms, cracked pepper & served with toast or banting bread


the encore   59 (v)

toasted pita topped with fluffy scrambled eggs, herbed mushrooms, tomato, onion marmalade & melted mozzarella & cheddar cheese


the bread basket

scarlet letter sandwich 76 (b)

smoked salmon topped with toasted capers, dill, cream cheese resting on a bed of frilly lettuce drizzled in a horseradish mayo


the veggie lover sandwich 75 (v/b)

layers of roasted aubergine & peppers with sundried tomato topped with sweet onion marmalade & pesto


full house sandwich 79 (b)

grilled chicken breast & crispy bacon topped with cheese resting on a bed of frilly lettuce, sweet onion marmalade & fresh tomato drizzled in pesto


It started with a kiss

french supremo 45 (v/b)

deep fried camembert topped with cranberry jelly & toasted pita


the caprese 45 (v/b)

layer’s of creamy fresh mozzarella interlaced with ripe tomato & pesto


olives farcie ripiene | au fromage bleu 44 (v/b)

olives stuffed with feta or blue cheese, crumbed & flash fried


moules mariniere 48 (b)

6 mussels interlaced with garlic & flat leaf parsley in fresh cream


blaze starr 49 (b)

peri peri chicken livers served with a dunking soft roll


tzatiki pita dip 28 (v/b)

greek yoghurt blended with garlic, lemon juice & grated cucumber


burlesque mezze platter 125 (v/b) serves two

herbed olive’s, marinated mushrooms, smoked paprika hummus, creamy tzatziki, grilled aubergine , caprese layer, danish feta, grilled falafel & toasted pita


the chicago salad 79 (b)

6 crumbed butterflied prawns topped with sweet chili dressing & fresh orange slithers


thai prawn curry 115

succulent prawns swirled in a coconut cream infused with lemon grass, fresh ginger & coriander served with basmati rice


moules mariniere 84 (b)

12 mussels interlaced with garlic | flat leaf parsley | fresh cream


the pink salmon 149 (b)

grilled norwegian salmon fillet drizzled with a caper, olive & cherry tomato butter


le boucherie

feathers & lace 109 (b)

organic chicken breast stuffed with sundried tomatoes & danish feta and served with a fresh garden salad and rustic potatoes


the chaplin 143 (b)

250g succulent fillet steak served with grilled summer vegetables & creamed spinach


ruby lamb 155 (b)

500g lamb shank cooked in red wine, rosemary & thyme with dijon mash, grilled summer vegetables & creamed spinach



mushroom sauce 22

jalapeño cheese sauce 19

madagascan green pepper sauce 22

freshly minced chili 6

freshly grated parmesan 12

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